Commercial Interior Resources


We help you turn your project from concept to reality every step of the way.


Great results start with great plans.


We start with a consultation to identify your must-haves. Don’t worry if you’re unsure because that’s where our “Needs Assessment” exercise comes into play.  We ask you detailed questions about your space, site conditions, timeline, budget, etc. and your answers allow us to hone in on your priorities and determine which are most essential.

We conduct a site visit to take measurements and evaluate project conditions alerting you of potential red flags. Additionally, our knowledge of the newest products, styles, and trends saves you hours of research and ensures you’re provided with the best options to fit your needs.


We’re experts in creating full-color plans detailing key project features like product types, sizes, quantities and installation patterns, all critical items in preparing an accurate proposal for you. Additionally, we create seaming diagrams to ensure optimal alignment resulting in far less product waste – saving you time and money.


Great results start with great plans.


Your project is only as good as the team behind it. That’s why we’re proud to employ the industry’s leading installers whose extensive formalized training sets them up for success. Their hard work in the field combined with our expert project managers operating behind the scenes ensures each project runs smoothly and on schedule.

We also offer furniture support and painting services to help you streamline your project.

Many of our projects require furniture support, and we have decades of experience with making the process as painless as possible. We’re happy to handle the moving process on your behalf. We also offer Renovision, an economical alternative to dismantling and moving office furniture. Using a hand-controlled jacking system, we simply lift up any furniture to install carpet tile underneath without disconnecting a single wire. This means work can be limited to nights or during non-business hours, minimizing downtime and cost.

Oftentimes, flooring and paint (or other wall covering) go hand in hand – and we offer both. Whether you need custom wall covering or even a fresh coat of paint, we’ve got you covered.


You went to great lengths to make your investment perfect. We can help you keep it that way.


Routine maintenance helps extend the life of your investment.  We’re experts in the latest cleaning technologies and techniques and can help you develop a plan to ensure your carpet and flooring goes the distance.


Need somewhere to store materials until it’s time to install them?  We’ve got a place for that – 17,000 square feet to be exact.  Our warehouse includes a dedicated inspection area with specialized lighting to analyze quality, color and dye lot to ensure a consistent and quality product every time.


It’s standard practice for us to recycle or repurpose existing carpet tile or broadloom, so it can be converted into raw materials, energy or even new carpet.  We also donate both new and used flooring materials to charitable organizations in need.  Learn more about our Sustainability Efforts.