Commercial Interior Resources


Luxury Vinyl Tile

A modern option meant to mimic the look of hard-surface materials, such as wood and stone – without the hefty price tag and maintenance. LVT typically comes in planks with a variety of installation options from glue-down to click-in to loose-lay.  It is very affordable, provides high durability in commercial spaces, and doesn’t need to be waxed. LVT may have a slightly higher initial investment than other options, but when evaluating lifetime value, LVT wins every time.

Vinyl Composition Tile

A product requiring minimal investment while providing years of durability.  It comes in square tiles, typically 12’’x12’’ and is adhered with glue. It’s an especially great option for healthcare offices or labs and back of the house areas, like break rooms. Note that it’s important to periodically strip and wax VCT flooring, so factor that into your maintenance budget.

Static Dissipative Tile

This vinyl tile is constructed with properties to dissipate static electricity charges, keeping both people and sensitive equipment (i.e. computer server rooms) safe. It provides the same benefits as VCT in that it has a low installation cost and high durability.

Sheet Vinyl

Most commonly used in high-risk areas that require extreme hygiene, such as medical operating and recovery rooms, but is also a great option for public restrooms. The seams of sheet vinyl are heat-welded together to prevent any mold, bacteria or water from penetrating the surface. It can be installed as a self-coved continuous base up the bottom of walls providing added protection. Additionally, it’s a glue-down product that’s very easy to maintain.

Rubber Sheet and Tile

Great for healthcare, gyms, sports areas and kids’ playgrounds offering comfort and durability, while being able to withstand heavy loads. Rubber can be more costly than similar materials, but the easy maintenance and slip-resistant properties of rubber make it a long term, top-performer when used in the right setting.


Can be used in a multitude of environments where comfort, noise reduction, warmth and environmental sustainability are key. Cork is available in planks or tiles and can be installed using glue or tongue-and-groove methods.