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Carpet isn’t only pleasing to the eye – it also provides key benefits such as comfort, noise reduction and easy maintenance. Available in a vast array of colors, patterns and textures, with carpet there’s truly something for everyone.


Typically meant for wall-to-wall installations, the 12-foot wide rolls are perfectly suited for large open rooms, corridors and stairs. It can be used with or without a cushion or pad underneath and is adhered to the floor with glue or by stretching the material under the perimeter tack strips.

Carpet Tiles

An innovative option that has gained tremendous traction due to its ease of use and maintenance.  It’s available in a variety of sizes, shapes and with attached cushion backing if preferred. It can also be adhered with releasable adhesive and in some cases, no adhesive at all, which makes it quite easy to replace individual tiles on your own.

Area Rugs

Look no further if your hard-surface flooring needs an accent piece. A handful of our manufacturers carry a large assortment of area rugs and some offer custom options, such as bound or serged edging. We also have the ability to manufacture custom area rugs from any broadloom

Walk-Off Mats

A no brainer for high traffic areas, such as outside lobby entrances or just inside entryways. They’re made of fibers that scrape debris off the soles of your shoes, so it’s not tracked further inside. They also hold up well against moisture and sun exposure.